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Save A Child is working with organisations and individuals across the world to help bridge the gap in paediatric emergency care.  

LEO Innovation Lab

LEO Innovation Lab is established by LEO Pharma A/S. They are driving radical innovation to bring build digital solutions to market that address the challenges of the modern patient journey. Their work is enabled by LEO Pharma’s unique ownership structure - owned by the LEO Foundation, with no shareholders, all profits are reinvested to help patients. LEO Innovation Lab has committed to assist the creation of the Save A Child organisation and support the development of the digital platform by donating know-how within telemedicine.

The Paediatric Blast Injury Partnership

The Paediatric Blast Injury Partnership (PBIP) was founded by Save the Children and Imperial College London. The PBIP brings together expert individuals, institutions, INGOs, patients, caregivers and communities committed to finding practical solutions to the challenges of paediatric blast injury. It works across the continuum of blast casualty, from point of wounding, through rehabilitation and beyond.

The Hadassah Medical Centre

The Hadassah Medical Centre was first established by nurses in Jerusalem in 1912 to help women and children who were suffering from abject poverty and experiencing high levels of infant mortality and disease. It has since grown into the largest hospital in Jerusalem and the biggest non-governmental employer in the area.

The benefits of medicine should transcend politics,religion and national boundaries and the Hadassah Medical Organisation puts that philosophy into practice. Hadassah continually reaches out with emergency relief and specific rescue missions in the aftermath of natural and geopolitical crises with ongoing work in the AIDS orphanages of Ethiopia. Their doctors also regularly perform eye surgery in remote regions and over one million Africans thank Hadassah for their eyesight.


Save A Child is working with Professor Eitan Kerem and his team of Paediatric Specialists to help facilitate medical treatment for children suffering as a result of conflict.

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