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Michelle Niescierenko, MD, MPH

Michelle is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine physician and Director of the Global Health Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and Health Specialist with Avenir Analytics. The Boston Children's Global Health Program works to improve child health globally through partnerships for clinical quality improvement, education, research and advocacy in over 30 countries around the world. Avenir Analytics health focus on high quality humanitarian health systems interventions.


Michelle has experience in paediatric care and program development in China, Bolivia, Lesotho, Guatemala, Liberia, Indonesia, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Syria. In Liberia she provided paediatric humanitarian aid in the immediate post-conflict setting partnering local remaining infrastructure to US academic institutions for the last 10 years. Through these partnerships, sustainable programs for health system rebuilding including physician education and care for vulnerable children were developed in Liberia.


During the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak she lead the Liberian hospital public health response utilizing a rapid deployment of training done by local healthcare workers. This work continued into Liberia’s recovery phase with implementation of a national program for hospital quality improvement and emergency care training. Her particular areas of interest are in the provision of healthcare in humanitarian settings through system development ,the development of emergency care systems for children as well as the role of children in humanitarian crises.

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Evelyn Geok Peng Ong

Evelyn was born in Hong Kong but trained at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, University of London, graduating with a degree in Basic Medical Sciences with Pharmacology alongside her medical degree. 

Her surgical training has taken her to New Zealand and back with a brief research sojourn at the Institute of Child Health, London. In 2010 Evelyn was appointed as Consultant Paediatric Hepatobiliary and Transplant Surgeon at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The Liver Unit has gone on to be awarded an outstanding commendation by the CQC. 


She is currently the Clinical Lead for Ordercomms and Electronic Prescribing at the Trust as well as serving as Honorary Secretary to BAPS since April 2017.

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Professor Eitan Kerem

Eitan is a world leader in Cystic Fibrosis research and is a principal investigator of numerous national and international multicenter clinical trials. He is the author of seminal publications in the field, including phenotype-genotype relationships, disease prognostic factors, the molecular mechanisms for disease variability, and the development of novel mutation-specific pharmacological therapies to correct the basic defects in cystic fibrosis. He has been central to studies examining environmental interactions with genetic diseases and its influence on the disease severity, genetic markers of asthma and allergy in closed populations, and variability of disease in closed populations exposed to different environments. Increasingly, his efforts have turned to understanding the genetics of primary ciliary dyskinesia in Jewish and Palestinian children. In addition he has published leading papers on management of community acquired pneumonia in children and was the first to characterise necrotising pneumonia and risk factors for complicated pneumonia in children.

The promotion of the medical, ethical and rights aspects of children with chronic diseases is at the forefront of his interest and he has published many papers in this field and is known for his advocacy for children in need.

Eitan has a record of building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians furthering peace through medicine. He arranged for a team of doctors, nurses and a physiotherapist from Gaza to undergo a training program at Hadassah for one year and helped them to establish a CF center in Gaza upon their return.

Eitan and his team have supported the Save a Child initiative since 2017, providing remote medical assistance to doctors helping children in Syria and Iraq.

Professor Andrew Bush

Andrew’s research interests include the invasive and non-invasive measurement of airway inflammation in children, in particular the use of endobronchial biopsy in the management of severe asthma, and also respiratory mass spectrometry. Andrew has supervised 41 MD and PhD degrees, authored more than 550 papers in peer review journals, and written more than 100 chapters in books and monographs. He co-edited the 9th Edition of Kendig's Disorders of the Respiratory Tract in Children, having co-edited the two previous editions.


He was the only Deputy Editor of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (the highest impact factor respiratory journal) from outside North America), and Head of the Paediatric Assembly of the European Respiratory Society. Andrew was Joint Editor in Chief of Thorax, then the 2nd ranked chest journal in the world, and top-ranked outside North America, and the first paediatrician to hold this post.


Andrew has served as Associate Editor for Europe for Paediatric Pulmonology and is currently Chair of the European Respiratory Society Publications Committee. He is an NIHR Senior Investigator, and Chief Investigator in a £4.64 million Wellcome Strategic Award and together with his collaborators, Andrew has raised more than £75 million in peer review grants and donations.

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Dr Saar Hashavya

In 2014 Saar took a one-year paediatric emergency medicine (PEM) fellowship in Sydney, Australia and subsequently shared his expertise by teaching a paediatric emergency medicine course in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As Saar explains: “The need for the PEM training in Sydney was the result of a shortage in skilled PEM physicians at the Hadassah Medical Center and my desire to assimilate different approaches, protocols, and skills based on Australian teaching.”

He taught his first introductory course in Ethiopia, with the goal of providing paediatricians, adult emergency medicine physicians, and other health care professionals with the fundamentals of paediatric emergency medicine. Each course, lasted four to five days, and included 12-14 students, who had a basic knowledge of paediatrics and paediatric advanced life support, as well as experience in providing paediatric primary care. The course was supported by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations.

The 22 participants in the first paediatric workshop, facilitated by Dr. Saar at Hadassah, included doctors from Gaza and the West Bank and four doctors from Iraq. Aside from training, the main objective of the course was to establish ongoing relationships between Palestinian healthcare professionals for the benefit of their patients.


Saar and his colleagues have supported the Save a Child initiative since 2017, providing remote medical assistance to doctors treating children in Syria and Northern Iraq.



Dr Annemieke Miedema

Annemieke is a Dutch Paediatrician and Paediatric Intensivist.

Having trained in the Netherlands with fellowships in Australia and Canada, she came to the United Kingdom in 2012 working as a Consultant PICU in Birmingham Children's Hospital, the first PICU ever to receive five 'Outstanding' commendations by the Care Quality Commission in 2017.

Annemieke is passionate about education, has lead the PICU Educational program and has managed large financial projects improving patient pathways and changing clinical practice around the Trust.

Since qualifying as an intensivist Annemieke has worked as a medical volunteer and team leader for Operational Smile and is a member of it's Medical Subcommittee in the United KingdomDr Paul Reavley is currently a full-time NHS consultant at Bristol Royal Infirmary and Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. He is a former President of the Emergency Medicine Section, Royal Society of Medicine and a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. He was a medical officer in the British Army for 18 years. Paul is one of the leads in the Paediatric Blast Injury Partnership and editor of the Paediatric Blast Injury Field Manual project. He is working with Save a Child on the digitalisation of the field manual. 

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Dr Paul Reavley

Dr Paul Reavley is currently a full-time NHS consultant at Bristol Royal Infirmary and Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. He is a former President of the Emergency Medicine Section, Royal Society of Medicine and a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. He was a medical officer in the British Army for 18 years.


Paul is one of the leads in the Paediatric Blast Injury Partnership and editor of the Paediatric Blast Injury Field Manual project. He is working with Save a Child on the digitalisation of the field manual.

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Sigmund J. Kharasch, MD

Dr Kharasch is an attending physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital Paediatric Emergency Department. In May of 2018, he completed a fellowship in Emergency Medicine Ultrasound and is currently an attending Physician in the Division of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound.. 


Dr. Kharasch was Director of the Paediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program at Boston City Hospital/Boston Medical Centre and Director of the Paediatric Emergency Department for 11 years.  He was also Chair of Intern Selection for the Boston Combined Residency Program (BCRP) and the recipient of the Jerome O. Klein Faculty Teaching Award for the Boston Combined Residency Program.

Dr Najeeb Rahman

Dr Najeeb Rahman is a member of the RCEM’s Global Emergency Medicine Committee and the Emergency Medicine and Public Health Special Interest Group. Najeeb trained and worked as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Leeds, with much experience gained in the Teaching Hospitals and Trauma Centre there. He holds Diplomas in Humanitarian Assistance as well as Public Health and has a special interest in Global Emergency Medicine and Humanitarian Assistance.  He has worked as an EM Consultant at TAwam Hospital, Al Ain, UAE, and served as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University. He spent a year in Rwanda, supporting the development of Emergency Medical Training and service as part of the innovative HRH Program from 2013-14. 

Najeeb is a member and former Chairman of the Board of Doctors Worldwide and has more than a decade of experience in disaster response as well as health development programmes in more than 10 countries across the globe.

Peter McQuade MBE

Peter is a highly regarded global high-tech executive who has held responsibilities across multiple functions. Throughout most of his career he has helped companies enter new markets through a combination of creative partnerships and corporate expansion as well as creating and implementing strong partner programs. His work has taken him to 80 countries across 6 continents and has given him a deep understanding of a wide variety of different cultural and regulatory requirements and how to adapt a corporate strategy to fit particular local requirements. 

Peter has been involved with charities for more than 3 decades as a leader/organiser, fundraiser and trustee and was awarded an MBE by the Queen for his services to charity. . He has also built a successful CSR ("Corporate Social Responsibility) program leveraging aspects of his past experience in both the corporate and charity sectors. 

Diego Gicovate PHD

Diego is a a PACS architect and solution provider and a Biomedical Imaging Technology specialist. He is System integrator and PACS director of Hadassah University Hospitals and a member of the DICOM committee 17.  Diego is advising Save a Child on the transfer of Imaging and Data. He has a PhD in Biology Science from the University of Buenos Aires


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