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Help and advice with just a few taps

A few moments on your smart phone or computer can help save a child


Share your expertise

A speedy exchange of information across the platform will enable you to instruct the doctor or medic at just the right moment, saving precious time


Join a Global Network

Become part of a global network of paediatric specialists all working to contribute their valuable expertise to help save the lives of sick and injured children

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Get help and advice

If you need help with diagnosis and/or treatment of a child you can contact a paediatric expert

Create a Case and send an alert.png

Create a case and send an alert

With just a few taps a case can be created and shared with our paediatric network 

Receive a response from the global netwo

Receive a response from the global network

The case will be shared with relevant specialists  who are ready to respond, advise and to refer if needed


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