Help us bring sick or vulnerable children to safety and provide vital medical support to doctors treating children on the front lines.

Paediatric Emergency response 

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We are providing remote medical support to doctors treating children in besieged or remote areas and helping to bring sick and vulnerable children to safety. 

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LIVE NEWS: Orphaned children from Ukraine

We have brought over 200 vulnerable women and children to safety from war torn areas in Ukraine. 

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Save A Child is registered British charity founded in 2015 by renowned humanitarian Sally Becker, who has been helping to save the lives of children in areas of conflict since 1993.


From Mostar to Mosul, Sally’s decades of work on the ground have helped her develop a strong understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in providing children in besieged and remote regions with urgent medical assistance.


During a mission to help victims of ISIS in Northern Iraq, Sally enlisted the help of a small team of remote paediatric specialists to assist doctors on the front lines, which resulted in improved diagnosis and treatment for hundreds of children. Recognising the urgent need for a solution that can transcend borders and reach remote communities, she and her team designed a paediatric telemedicine programme connecting paediatric specialists to doctors and healthcare workers in besieged or remote areas to provide more effective treatment for sick and injured children. 


As global political upheaval and the climate crisis continue to unfold Save A Child deploys its resources and efforts in a highly agile way, to wherever children need it most.  Read more...

"Sally Becker partly redeemed the name of Western Europe by the heroic work she carried out in Bosnia at the height of the war. "

Tom Gallagher, Professor of the study of Ethnic Conflict and Peace Studies at the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University

Save a Child is proud to be partnered with the

British Association of Paediatric Surgeons (BAPS)

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