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Triage and Telehealth

Recognising the need for a solution that can transcend borders and reach communities affected by conflict or disaster, we worked with experts in telemedicine to create a mobile case management and referral platform that offers a unique approach to help save the lives of children in besieged or remote areas. 


Our mobile app is available free of charge to a network of NGO’s, hospitals and mobile clinics in order to deliver a cost-effective, high-impact programme for the improvement of child health across the globe. The app is designed for areas with poor infrastructure and uses technology that is optimised for use in resource-constrained contexts to create a scalable, cost-effective and accessible solution.  

Our platform is app-based which makes the adoption of our solution by local doctors and healthcare workers much faster with virtually no training required to use it. The app is intuitive and available to download for all devices so we can efficiently deliver expert paediatric support for medical staff with immediate effect.


Save A Child mobile app can facilitate public health mitigation strategies by providing a safer option for healthcare staff and patients, reducing potential infectious exposures by connecting medical staff to the resources they require in order to save children's lives.The software can also contribute to data collection by providing a comprehensive tool for documenting outbreaks and other health hazards.


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