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Save A Child founder and executive director Sally Becker has been working in areas of conflict since 1993, when she became known as ‘The Angel of Mostar’ while rescuing wounded children and their families from besieged hospitals in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Amidst the carnage and the chaos, she managed to negotiate ceasefires in areas where others had failed and is credited with saving hundreds of lives. 


Sally has continued her work in some of the worlds worst conflict zones including Kosovo, Chechnya, Syria, Northern Iraq and Ukraine


During a mission to help victims of ISIS in Mosul, Sally enlisted the help of a small team of remote paediatric specialists to assist doctors on the front lines, which resulted in improved diagnosis and treatment for hundreds of children. Recognising the urgent need for a solution that can transcend borders and reach remote communities, she and her team designed a paediatric telemedicine programme connecting paediatric specialists to doctors and healthcare workers in besieged or remote areas to provide more effective treatment for sick and injured children across the globe.

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