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Thank you for your interest in registering with Save A Child. You are now only one completed form away from joining our global network of paediatric specialists and we are very pleased to have you on board.


In order to help you decide if you would like to go ahead and join our network, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions from specialists below. For any further details regarding our policies please contact us directly.
How does the technology work?
The Save A Child app was developed in collaboration with Professor Richard Wooton whose platform has been used for over a decade by major humanitarian networks, including Medecins San Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders, World Federation of Pediatric Imaging and The Addis Clinic.
Is this real-time Telemedicine?
The majority of health care problems are suitable for store-and-forward (or asynchronous) telemedicine which is the acquisition and storing of clinical information (e.g.data, image, sound, video) that is then forwarded to the remote specialists for clinical evaluation. The Save A Child app also has facilities for real-time chat and video conferencing when required.
What credentials are required from specialists to join the paediatric network?
Applicants will need to provide proof of medical registration such as active GMC or HCPZ (CCT for UK Doctors) as well as a form of ID from the hospital or medical facility where they are based. The approved candidates are registered on the platform and will receive an online guide demonstrating its use in a few, easy steps
What credentials are required for medics to be able to access the Save A Child network?
Doctors and medics wishing to have access to the Save A Child paediatric network will need to be endorsed by the person in charge of the hospital or organisation with which they are affiliated.
How does Save a Child protect Personal Data collected through the app?             
All personal data transmitted through the app is protected and stored in accordance with CT’s data protection and privacy policies, which provide for the use of strong physical and electronic security safeguards and stringent procedures to ensure that all personal data is processed in line with GDPR. Certain personal information (excluding any personal health information) may also be stored and processed through Save A Child's own information systems. 
Pursuant to public guidance from the Information Commission Office and legal advice from Save A Child's external counsel, we are in the process of implementing GDPR-compliant data protection policies and practices for any such personal information.
What is the situation regarding medical liability?
We believe the risk of liability stemming from participation in our network is extremely low. We are unaware of any successful (or even unsuccessful) claims filed against a healthcare worker providing humanitarian or volunteer services internationally. In addition, the services provided by Save A Child specialists are limited to remote consultations intended to provide support to decision-making in the field; our specialists will not engage in direct patient consultations, examinations or medical care. The in-country provider will retain ultimate authority over patient care and primary diagnosis and, together with the hospital or organization with which they are affiliated, will be responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations regarding the patient's medical care (including remote consultations).
Is the Save A Child system available in other languages?
Yes. The user interface is available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish and we are in the process of adding more languages. 
What is the minimum amount of time a specialist would need to be available?
This depends upon the nature of the referral and the size of our network.  We recognize our volunteers have many responsibilities but we would hope that they can respond to at least one or two cases per month. 
What if I can’t respond to a referral? 
If you are listed as Active and you receive a referral but are not able to assist, then you can decline the case or refer to another specialist. If there are specific dates when you will not be available, you can specify these in your Availability settings.
How many specialisms are represented in the network?
The network will include all major specialities such as Oncology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Orthopedic and Neurology as well as many other subspecialities.
Can specialists share information within the Save A Child network?
Yes there is a facility for sharing information with other specialists in the network. 

How will I know if I am making a difference?We will provide follow-up information on the patient  status so that our specialists are aware of their outcome. 

"It could not be more timely as the greatest problem we have during the pandemic is trying to move people around."


Michelle Niescierenko MD MPH

Division of Emergency Medicine Director, Global Health Program Boston Children's Hospital

This innovative approach to paediatric medicine will present an opportunity for specialists from the international community to use their expertise to help save the lives of children in areas where resources are limited. 

Field clinicians can send an ‘Alert’, upload information and classify the case according to the patient's needs. i.e. traumatic injury, dermatology, neurology, orthopaedics, nephrology etc. Save A Child will then scan the database of Paediatric Specialists, identify the most relevant experts and invite them to assist in the case by sending an alert to their mobile phone, iPad or computer. The specialist can then choose whether to accept the case and spend a few minutes examining the information before communicating directly with the field clinician to advise on diagnosis and/or treatment. 


The Save A Child app will be available free of charge to an international network of medical organisations, NGO’s, hospitals, mobile clinics and education groups in order to deliver a cost-effective, high-impact programme for the improvement of child health across the globe. 

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